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Somers Wealth Management

Somers Wealth Management was founded by William (Bill) Somers in 2015, as an Investment Advisor Representative, of The Investment Connection, LLC. The Investment Connection is a Registered Independent Advisory (RIA) firm. 

We provide customized financial planning and investment management services centered around your financial goals.  We service individuals and families regardless of their net worth, income, or investable assets.  We are dedicated to helping people and businesses build, preserve, and manage wealth so they can pursue their financial goals. Our customized investment approach is designed around understanding each of our client’s feelings toward investing and their financial situation.  Like our accounting practice, we provide high quality service that fosters a long-term relationship of trust.

As a licensed New Jersey Certified Public Accountant, Bill Somers is a trusted advisor to his clients.  His high professional standards require him to set aside his own personal motives or conflicts of interest in pursuit of the best outcome for his clients.  He carries this same fiduciary duty into the investment arm of his practice. 

Somers Wealth Management offers fee-only investment management and financial planning services.  Our fees are only paid by our clients.  We never receive payment from a third-party for the sale of a particular investment product or collect a commission.  Our fees are transparent and based on a pre-arranged plan based on a percentage of the assets under management.  Structuring our fee in this manner protects our clients by removing the potential that the advice or financial plan we provide is influenced by an ability to earn a commission.  Our goals and our client’s goals are the same, and the advice you receive is in your best interest.    

As a CPA, Bill integrates his client’s tax and investment goals and objective together.  His investment strategy is a long-term, tax efficient, low-cost ETF approach.

Your financial future is too important to delay any longer.  Contact us at 908-850-5259 to make an appointment. 

Your future begins today.  Let us help you achieve your financial goals- we can assist you with planning for retirement, saving for college, saving to purchase a home, investment planning, employee benefits planning, cash flow analysis including budgeting and savings, or developing a full financial plan.